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SUNDAY 9 FEBRUARY 2020, 11:00 a.m. – Teatro Franco Parenti, Sala Grande

Vanessa Wagner

(first and only Italian appearance)

Moondog – Für Fritz
Emilie Levienaise – Louella
Bryce Dessner – Ornament
Philip Glass – Etude 9
William Susman – Quiet Rhythm 9
Hans Otte – Das Buch Der Klange 2
Philip Glass – Dead Things
Meredith Monk – Rail Road
Moondog – Sea Horse / Elf Dance
Mickael Nyman – The heart asks pleasure first
Nico Mulhy – Hudson Cycle
Gavin Bryars – Ramble on Cortona
Wim Mertens – Struggle for pleasure

Vanessa Wagner, a child prodigy, studied academic music at length, specialising in Liszt and twentieth-century French repertoire, but then set everything aside in order to familiarise herself with the relationship between acoustic instruments and electronics. She has been working for some time with Murcof, the Mexican electronics celebrity, creating productions in which the content of the printed page is re-elaborated electronically. She also collaborates with many French theatre companies, including that of Yoann Bourgeois, producing theatrical events based on the music that is played.

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