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quartetto_milano_stagione_iconaquartetto_milano_barocco_e_oltre_iconaTUESDAY 15 JANUARY 2019, ore 20.30 – Conservatorio “G. Verdi”

Quartetto Jerusalem Ciclo Beethoven / Bartók – I

Beethoven – Quartetto n. 5 in la maggiore op. 18 n. 5 Bartók – Quartetto n. 2 op. 17 SZ 67 Beethoven – Quartetto n. 12 in mi bemolle maggiore op. 127

Music history books agree that Bartók’s six string quartets are the natural continuation of Beethoven’s late quartets, and that many of the principal nineteenth-century composers (Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn and Brahms) limited themselves to taking up the thread from Beethoven’s middle period or even early quartets. Throughout this season and the next, on six different evenings, we will offer judicious juxtapositions of works that are far away in time yet close to us in spirit. Beethoven’s last six quartets (counting the Grosse Fuge as a separate entity) were written over a relatively brief time-span (1823-27), whereas Bartók’s six were spread out over a longer period (1907-39).
This ambitious plan, already tested during the 1981-82 season, is being entrusted to international ensembles that we have long known and admired.
The Jerusalem Quartet, which our Society has hosted since 2003, is the first permanent ensemble made up of musicians trained within Israeli institutions. It was founded in 1993 at the Jerusalem Music Centre, the organisation fostered in the early 1970s by Isaac Stern and the philosopher Isaiah Berlin with the aim of helping the country’s young musicians to develop their talents.


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