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  • Sentieri Selvaggi
  • Sentieri Selvaggi2

quartetto_milano_stagione_icona quartetto_milano_musica_da_camera_icona Tuesday, 17 January 2017, 8.30 pm – Conservatorio “G. Verdi”

Sentieri selvaggi
Carlo Boccadoro conductor

Boulez – Dérive I
Boccadoro – Bad Blood
Quagliarini – Dal nero del tempo, world premiere, commissioned by AMÚR, Associazioni Musicali in Rete
Petrassi – Tre per sette

Montalbetti – Altre solitudini
Gregoretti – Gelbe Begleitung
Cosmi – Concerto for piano and instruments, world premiere, commissioned by AMÚR, Associazioni Musicali in Rete

The Quartetto once again presents Carlo Boccadoro and the Sentieri Selvaggi (wild paths) ensemble, which has fought for twenty years to introduce the public to new musical worlds as well as to older works that have remained hidden from view. This programme takes as its cue homage to Pierre Boulez, one year after his death, and branches out into a broad selection of works by Italian composers of various generations. Of particular note are two new works commissioned by the Amúr network as part of a three-year agreement undertaken with nine concert societies, for the creation and circulation of new artistic projects. Thus, as part of the Amúr cycle, Sentieri Selvaggi performs the world premieres of Dal nero del tempo (From the blackness of time) by Marco Quagliarini, and Gabriele Cosmi’s Concerto for piano and instruments, alongside pieces by Petrassi, Montalbetti, Gregoretti and Boccadoro himself.

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