6. 1Giulio Confalonieri (1896-1972) was a pianist, composer and first-rate musicologist; during his long career, he distinguished himself as one of the most important and representative music critics of the 20th century. Born and resident in Milan, he was a pupil of Ettore Pozzoli and, in Paris, of Paul Dukas, and he was active in various fields – among others, as director of La Scala’s school for singers, where many future celebrities were trained, and as the author of a highly successful history of music. For many years he was the wise, perceptive critic for Il Giorno, a daily newspaper, and for the weekly Epoca. For the Società del Quartetto, Confalonieri wrote program notes for a decade, from 1953 to 1963, and from these writings the Quartetto published a volume titled The Minute Before You Listen (1976). The essay reprinted below, which engagingly recounts a century of historical and social changes in Milan and in Italy, was the preface to One Hundred Years of Concerts of the Società del Concerto di Milano, a book published in 1965 to close the year (1964) in which we celebrated our Society’s centenary.

Scarica la prefazione di Giulio Confalonieri al volume del 1964
Download the introduction to the 1964 book by Giulio Confalonieri


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